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Goods of Hansung C&G Co., Ltd. have excellent

mechanical, tearing and impact strengths. In
addition, because they have excellent elongation
strength, they are used as core materials for outdoor
mattress, thermal insulation bags and other various
bags. Moreover, they have excellent buoyant
capability so as to be used as buoyant materials for
life buoy and life jacket and as core materials for
sports goods such as mattress in gymnasium.
▣ Transporting containers for keeping cooling / thermal insulation package materials
▣ Core materials for bags / core materials for backpacks
▣ Outdoor matting / sunlight cover for automobiles
▣ Buoyant materials for life buoy and life jacket / mattress for gymnasiums / core materials for bed
▣ Fences for various stadiums and core materials for baseball gloves
▣ Antibacterial package materials / shock-absorbing / sound-absorbing package materials /
....for protecting ducts
▣ Lagging tapes