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Thermal insulation H-LON of Hansung C&G Co.,
Ltd. is the high-quality cross-linked lagging material
made by the extrusion foaming method into the pipe
shape, which can be used in a wide range of
temperatures from -80C to 120C. In addition, they
are not affected by copper ions and do not cause
corrosion to copper pipes so that they can be used
in a construction with safety.
▣ Shock-absorbing package materials for electric appliances such as television or radio
▣ Package materials for electric devices and office machines
▣ Package materials for preventing static electricity for electronic I.C and precision machines
▣ Package materials for glass products, porcelains and experimental apparatus
▣ Package materials for various tiles
▣ Package materials for furniture, lacquer and musical instruments
▣ Shock-absorbing package materials for various export products